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Nelstone Consulting & Repair

Recreating Dream Homes That Last

Our Services

  • Granite and Quartz Cleaning

  • Granite Sealing and Repair

  • Marble Countertops Cleaning

  • Travertine and Marble Tiles

  • Natural Stone Consulting and Remodeling




& Accountable

About Us

Nelstone Cleaning & Restoration

Get your natural stone surfaces in your home looking like new again. Granite, quartz, marble, travertine and many more - Nelstone does them all! Cleaning and sealing your natural surfaces once per year is exactly what you need to restore the natural beauty and luster of your home's natural stone surfaces.

Recent Projects


“Ethan was a joy to work with. He was punctual, professional and did an amazing job with our granite countertops. They regained their beauty and luster and look like new once again. Thank you again and we'll definitely use your services in the future.”

The Mathews

“I would recommend Nelstone to anyone looking to restore their natural stone surfaces in their home. They did such a great job and you could see an immediate difference. Cleaning bought back the natural beaty and selaer brought out the natural color of our countertops.”

Lars & Mary

“If you have any natural stone in your home, these guys are a must. I never knew it makes a huge difference to clean and seal your surfaces. Will be using them every year to maintain the beauty of our marble throughout our home. Well done Nelsotne!.”

Chris Parks

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